Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Top 5 Truck Accessories For the Winter Season

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Everything has its season, and truck accessories are no exception. While winter driving may bring hassles and delays, it also allows for some of the coolest add-ons to your truck or SUV, saving you time while providing safety and convenience. Five of the most useful are: 

It kind of goes without saying, but if you live in an area that sees even a little bit of the white stuff, you should have a reliable set of snow chains in your trunk. And, the bigger your vehicle, the more traction you'll need. Today's snow chains are designed to automatically snug up against your tire, so you don't have to fumble for the clasp. Many sets are also equipped with a quick-release mechanism, providing safe and easy removal. 

A mud guard is often your only line of defense against the salty sludge and ice that can splash up and corrode your bodyline. Crafted from heavy-duty molded rubber, they're tough enough to deflect just about anything the road has to offer and can even be purchased with available add-ons like steel plating and LED lights for added reinforcement and visibility. For the ultimate coverage, strap on an auto bra to protect the front of your vehicle from the crud kicked up by the guy in front of you.

OK, you've managed to keep the winter grime off your exterior with a solid set of mud guards, so now you have to worry about your interior. Custom floor mats protect your floorboard from mud, dirt and corrosive liquids that can stain or otherwise ruin your interior and resale value. Unlike universal mats, they're custom-cut and computer-designed, ensuring a quality fit and maximum coverage.

The winter months are cold. But, with sheepskin seat covers, the thick natural fibers warm quickly and retain their heat. Stronger than steel, they'll protect your seats from fading and cracking, providing a long life of durable wear. Also known as "nature's thermostat," sheepskin seat covers are adaptable to change in different temperatures, staying warm in the winter and cool during the summer, making them a solid investment year round. 

Tired of waiting for the city to salt your street? With your own personal tailgate salt spreader, salting your driveway and surrounding streets is as easy as inserting the spreader into your 2" receiver mount, plugging it into your 7-way trailer plug and turning it on with a wireless controller! Salt your entire neighborhood from the comfort of a warm cab without ever setting down your coffee!

Equipping your rig with the above five accessories will keep you on the road in style. But, if the drive takes longer than expected, you may also want to add a set of headrest monitors to keep the kids entertained. And if you need to haul gifts, furniture or other cargo in the back of your rig during the winter months, a tonneau is a useful add-on for keeping everything dry and secure.

Winter truck accessories like snow chains, headrest monitors and sheepskin seat covers keep you on the road in style and safety. They can even mean the difference between arriving at your destination and sleeping in a snow bank.

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