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How to Apply Truck Bed Liner

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By Julia E Spence

When you invest in your truck for commercial purposes, you invest because you desire a truck that will give you longevity. You want to be able to rely on your truck to get you through the biggest projects without the wear and tear that you know can be a product of such heavy duty work. One thing that you may not have considered is how beneficial it is to have the bed of your truck lined. If you have opted not to have your truck bed lined by the dealer, you can always change your mind afterwards and apply the liner yourself with a professional grade truck bed liner.

Applying Truck Bed Liner

Protecting the bed of your truck is easy and only requires a few steps. Within a few minutes, you will not have only protected your truck bed, but also saved yourself some money by applying the liner to the truck yourself.

  • Wash Your Truck Bed - use soap and water to clean off any debris that might interfere with the truck liner adhering to the surface of the truck bed. Many people use a scrubby sponge, or you can use a sponge mop if your truck bed is rather large.

  • Scuff Sand the Bed - Doing this will allow the epoxy and rubber mix to adhere to the bed by creating a bit of a rough surface for the mixture to stick to.

  • Remove all wax and tar - you can do this by using a specially formulated chemical that is designed to remove all traces of tar and wax. Even if your truck is brand new, there may be a waxy layer that is applied to the truck at the dealership to make the truck more visually appealing. Applying a layer of primer to the rusty spots will allow you to ensure no further damage occurs after the application of the liner.

  • Mix the two components- most kits come with a base and an activator. Mix these thoroughly using a paint stick or an electric paint mixer. Let the mixture sit for approximately 15 minutes prior to applying to the surface.

  • Apply to Surface- apply two coats of paint. Allow the first one to dry for approximately 30 minutes before applying the second coat. Be careful not to over apply the mixture in any one area. Doing so will cause running that will not ensure the effectiveness of the professional grade truck bed liner. Allow your truck liner to dry completely before using. All manufacturers will have different specifications so be sure to read the directions prior to the application.

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