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The Safety Features of Lifted Trucks

By Micheal Warn

Trucks are having diverse types and features. The trucks are invented according to the utilities and requirements of the industries. The heavy machinery and the construction industry required heavy truck that can make the heavy tools and machinery transferred. This requirement gave birth to one of the most fascinating type of trucks, Lifted trucks. Lifted trucks are the trucks that are having huge and gigantic body with hydraulic machine that can lift the heavy tools and goods and can shift them to desired places.

The History

In 1970s, the Pickup trucks modification got started and in the later decade the giant and massive structured trucks were invented with the high profile features. These trucks were used mainly for mud bogging and truck pulling. Seeing the wider popularity and trend, the truck owners and transporters started creating the trucks that were known as Lifted trucks. These trucks were having giant wheels on it that made the trucks said to be the "biggest trucks" ever. These trucks were quite similar to the Bigfoot trucks and Monster trucks that were seen in those days quite frequently. In the preliminary stage of the trucks, the trucks were having 48 inch diameter of wheels.

The safety features

Since these trucks are quite higher and huge, the trucks should get dressed up with ample safety features and so is the case in the Lifted trucks. The height of the bumper is too higher than of any other trucks or vehicles. This height forces the engineers to make sure the safety features for the truck riders. The height of an average bumper of lifted trucks is 20 inches taller the car bumper. On such a massive height, it becomes quite difficult to make sure the lane changing and driving on the small roads of city. The drive ability and the performance of the trucks are quite unique and it requires the special driver as well. In many countries, the lifted truck drivers are given special license after getting a special test drive. To big risk factor is the braking of the trucks as such huge vehicle takes lot stress and efforts for braking. To have a proper and efficient braking, the suspension needs to get better and smarter.

Here are some of the safety tips that should be considered while driving or even when the trucks are not moving.

The Brakes

Upgrading the brake system is quite important as the wheels and tire size is quite taller that increases the caliper and rotor sizes. The diameter of the wheels is quite larger that adds distance of tires from the axle center axis. The caliper pad needs to get decelerated to put brake in the rotation of wheels.

The Drive shaft of Pinion Angle

The drive shaft of the vehicle is quite important when the vehicle is to get lifted. The ideal measurement of the pinion angle is to get the angle between 2-1/2 degrees of pinion angle. The U joint of the operating parameters forces the normal parameter to extend the joint which can get failed if the U is forced beyond the normal force. The spacer should therefore be used quite properly by matching the alignment that can make the driving pleasure on top.

The Shock Absorber

In such giant truck, the braking needs to get more than efficient otherwise the driving could be resulted in shock, shock and shock!! To make this truck safer from these shocks, the Mono Tube shocks are attached with the reservoir cylinder that are used mainly fro the off road performance improvements. The shock absorber is attached to the vehicles frame from one side as the suspension is attached from the other size. The shocks are quite dangerous as they can damp the spring action of the vehicle. The inner cylinder of the truck, the outer cylinder reservoir and the piston rod of the vehicle is also fitted in the trucks to assure the safety of the rider.

These are some of the safety features of the Lifted trucks. These features need to get confirmed by the users at regular interval to make sure the safety of the rider.

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