Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Simple Safety Guidelines for Using Bucket Trucks and Boom Trucks

Bucket trucks are extremely helpful mechanical pieces of equipment. These trucks make it easier and safer than manual labour, but when these trucks are not used correctly, they can be very dangerous machinery resulting in mechanical or personal destruction. This article includes safety tips and guidelines that should be followed on a daily basis.
Daily safety inspections should be performed before dispatching the operator into the field. The utility truck should be checked for oil leaks, broken or damaged parts, wear and tear, rust or cracks. All controls should be checked to insure proper working condition. Of course if any problems have been found, they will need to be assessed before operating the bucket truck.
Also, work site conditions will need to be examined on a daily basis as well. This is also to insure the safety of all workers and trucks. When parking a bucket truck it is essential to park on level grounds. Always check for possible aerial hazards, such as power lines or any possible hazards. This should be practiced at each and every job site. When working with power lines, only trained electrical professionals need operate the bucket truck. And, of course utility trucks should not be used in high wind weather.
As an operator of any utility truck, you may find it useful to create a daily safety check list. Although the safety precautions that have already been mentioned are important to follow. Here are some more pointers to insure the quality achievements in taking safety measures for accurate bucket truck operations.
* Always be sure to fill the trucks tank with fuel before heading out on any calls.
* Check controls, such as emergency stop and lower
* Be sure to know exactly how to lower the bucket if and when the power system malfunctions.
* Check to insure that propane tanks and tank heaters are full, which enables to the electric generator to fully function
* Be sure to keep truck free of debris and cover the bucket when not in use
Now, the following are more informational safety precautions to follow on the job site. Safety is never taken lightly especially when it comes to bucket truck operations. Bucket truck operators usually work by themselves
* Attention detail should be asserted in snow and icy weather conditions, parking the altec bucket trucks may be more difficult than in usual weather conditions. The truck may stick out more in roadways, be sure pay close attention in to the work setup area.
* Always be alert for soft grounding surfaces, this could lead to tipping
* Look Around, take in the scenery, never get to close to power lines, trees, telephone lines, etc.
* As when driving any vehicle.....buckle up! Also buckle up when in the bucket and be sure to wear safety gear, such as hard hat, safety glasses and gloves
There you have it, a basic acknowledgement of bucket truck safety. When purchasing a bucket truck from a company such as I80 Equipment, they will provide you with training and manuals for operations, safety and servicing. Feel free to visit their website at http://www.I80equipment.com.

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